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    Great Southern Supreme Merino (GSSM) sale

    Fitzroy Pavilion at the Canberra Showground (EPIC)
    Landmark Sale Ram No. 1:
    Station tag Black 200; Shearing tag M34252
    Micron 16.3; SD 2.3; CV 14.1; Comf 99.9%; SpinF 15.1
    A poll sire from the Gray’s Hill (NZ) P6 family, whose sire here at Merrignee stud is over both polled and horned ewes. With a very high correlation of low micron with high fleece weights, this poll sire has a quality superfine fleece with good bulk and very well covered underline.
    He has a square stance with width through the front and back legs and correct on his feet. With this rams superfine style wool and clear definition of crimp plus low figures of 16.3 micron, he is a sire to benefit superfine wool clips.
    Landmark Sale Ram No. 2:
    Station tag Black 051; Shearing tag M34253
    Micron 17.4; SD 2.3; CV 13.2; Comf 99.7%; SpinF 16.0
    A large framed fine/superfine wool ram, bred from an A.I. program using the sire Glenpaen “Magic”. He has very good body length, width through the front and back legs giving very good spring of rib, plus he has a level back and meaty rear end. There is plenty of quality fleece over this large frame with clear crimp definition and good thickness and cover.
    Showing very good figures along with a 17.4 micron test, this ram is a sire to style up wool clips and give good frame size.
    Elders Sale Ram No. 1:
    Station tag Black192; Shearing tag M34254
    Micron 16.9; SD 2.5; CV 14.8; Comf 99.9%; SpinF 15.7
    This horn ram is from the Gray’s Hill (NZ) P6 Merrignee family, the same as the Landmark No 1 ram.
    This ram is a high quality superfine sire, with good frame size, square stance, width through the legs and well set on his feet. What sets this sire to have influence over superfine clips is his quality fleece very distinctive crimp definition along with correct fleece alignment. He has white, bright wool with staple length and is well covered through his underline, coupled with a soft handle and good thickness of fleece, plus low figures, this sire is very suitable for superfine stud and flock sheep.
    Elders Sale Ram No. 2:
    Station tag Black 052; Shearing tag M34250
    Micron 17.2; SD 2.2; CV 12.8; Comf 99.9%; SpinF 15.8
    This sire is from our A.I. program using the sire Glenpaen “Magic”. He shows the high profit traits of large wool cut with low micron the reason we have used “Magic” in our breeding programs.
    Plenty of soft handling, bulky fleece with very stylish crimp definition of bright and white wool showing very good lustre. He has very good fleece cover all through his underline and down his legs, along with a very good frame size and square stance. This is a merino sire to bulk up fleece weights and keep up the wool quality.
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