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    Hamilton Sheepvention

    Hamilton Showgrounds

    Merrignee will be offering five rams. 

    Merrignee Merino Stud's bulky superfine-fine wool ​2017 ​Hamilton ​Sheepvention ​team for ​the Merino Stud Ram Sale on Tuesday 8th August.
    L to R:​ A22755, A22759, A22752, A22758 & A22756.

    The Merrignee team of five rams at Sheepvention:

    • S​hearing tag A22756 Station Tag 043
      One of the larger rams in the team standing square on his feet, with a big strong head and muzzle and good length of body. His fleece weight was high up at the one year age group shearing and has a very good length of staple with a well defined crimp. This sire’s figures are also very good with a very low micron of 15.3 and a comfort factor of 99.9%, plus the asset of a good fleece weight and frame size, he can definitely increase the profit line of superfine merino flocks.

    Micron 15.3; SD 2.4; CV 15.7; CF 99.9%; Spin 14.3; Sire – Grassy Creek L.F.

    • Shearing tag A22758 Station Tag 133
      Another large framed sire with correct stance and well sprung through the ribs into a strong back end. He has a heavy fleece weight with very good cover down his legs and belly wool which with our prices for superfine wool is now a requirement to give extra income to the merino flock. He has a stylish white and bright fleece which has defined crimp, highly suited to the superfine markets.

    Micron 16.7; SD 3.1; CV 18.6; CF 99.8%; Spin 15.9; Sire – Merrignee O.F. (Nerstane family)

    • Shearing tag A 22755 Station tag 042
      A superfine sire with a good frame with square stance and well balanced on his feet. Plus width through his chest, well sprung ribs and solid rump showing his constitution and natural doing ability. These are qualities which develop into better health and fertility when running in the natural environment. In association with his fleece weight and high quality crimp and style of his fleece, this ram has a lot to offer to superfine flocks.

    Micron 17.1; SD 3.3; CV 19.3; CF 99.7%; Spin 16.4; Sire – Grassy Creek L.F.

    • Shearing tag A 22759 Station tag 033
      A superfine ram with highly stylish wool, very defined crimp, good staple length and very well covered with quality wool down his legs and through his underline. In a team of which wool quality is a highlight this ram’s fleece stands out. He also is a large framed ram with good length of body and square stance, strong head and soft muzzle. His fleece figures give confidence to merino breeders of his suitability for the superfine wool flocks and with the frame size and body weight he has the ability to lift profits.

    Micron 16.2; SD 2.5; CV 15.4; CF 99.8%; Spin 15.1; Sire – Merrignee 9S (Nerstance family)

    • Shearing tag A22752 Station tag 091
      Another quality ram with a large frame and square stance, upright on his pasterns and with a strong head and muzzle. He is well sprung through his body and with plenty of length. He has a heavy cutting fleece for the supefine wool type with very good staple length. He is showing lots of style in his fleece with defined crimp patterns which definitely suit the requirements of the superfine wool buyers.

    Micron 17.0; SD 3.3; CV 19.4; CF 99.6%; Spin 16.3; Sire – Alfoxton 35 ( Merrignee I.A. Sire)

    More information about this event can be found on the Sheepvention website


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