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    GSSM Show & Sale



    GSSM SHOW – Saturday afternoon and Sunday, 21 & 22 January 2017

    GSSM RAM SALE – Monday 23 January 2017, 11am

    Merrignee Stud will be offering the following four rams at GSSM in 2016:

    elders-no-1 elders-no-2

    LANDMARK – NO. 1
    Station Tag Red 076; Shearing Tag M26795
    Micron 16.9; SD 2.5; CV 14.8; ComF 99.9; SpinF 15.7

    This Poll ram is from the P5 (Coromandel 002) Merrignee family. P5 has now been constantly used in the Merrignee Stud for five years to help keep up fleece weight in the stud.

    This sale ram has high fleece weight for his wool type and finer micron at 16.9. He has been used in the stud over Poll Merino ewes and his lambs are of very good quality, showing good growth and balance. He is a good type with a strong muzzle, spring of rib and very square stance. He has a very good fleece with cover on the belly/ underline and legs and his wool is white and bright with distinct crimp and excellent fleece figures to match the quality of his wool.

    LANDMARK – NO. 2
    Station Tag Red 100; Shearing Tag M26796
    Micron 16.4; SD 2.4; CV 14.6; ComF 99.9; SpinF 15.2

    A superfine ram from the Brilliant Example family with a rich handling fleece and a very distinct crimp to suit the Italian wool type. He has a stylish fleece with cover giving a good fleece weight and has very good fleece measurement figures as you can see.

    ELDERS – NO. 3
    Station Tag Red 034; Shearing Tag M26790
    Micron 16.8; SD 3.0; CV 17.9; ComF 99.7; SpinF 15.9
    This ram is from Merrignee’s Alfoxton family Sire Green053 who has been used in the stud for four years and producers very good heavy bodies with stylish wool. Many clients have progeny from this
    family. This sale ram is very typical of these genetics, showing a strongly built body, very square stance, good width through the front and back legs, a spring of rib and a meaty rump plus a level backline.

    He also has a stylish superfine fleece, white, bright and very good crimp definition suiting the Italian wool trade. These qualities are backed up by very good figures which suit his wool style.

    ELDERS – NO. 4
    Station Tag Red 161; Shearing Tag M26786
    Micron 18.2; SD 2.3; CV 12.6; ComF 100; SpinF 16.7
    This Poll ram is from an AI program using a Seymour Park sire, sourced from West Australia and a son of Coromandel 002, giving Merrignee Poll Stud another genetic cross of Coromandel 002 with an outcross of the female lineage. This sale ram is a superfine wool type very similar to our own wool type with a strong muzzle which carries into his body frame with a defined crimp and soft handling well covered fleece.

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