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    GSSM Sale

    Canberra Showgrounds

    Merrignee Merino & Poll Merino Stud will be offering 2 rams for sale at the GSSM sale at Canberra Showgrounds on Monday 25th January 2016.

    Lot 1 is Yellow tag 038, 26 months old, with very good fleece figures of:
    14.4 microns, 2.3 SD, 16.0 CV, 99.8 Comf, 13.5 SpinF, 78 Curvature, Sire – Merrignee Alfoxton family, tag Green 001 (Tag Green 001 was sold at the 2014 GSSM to Mr John Ive)
    This sire to be offered in 2016 is a big upstanding sire with good length of body, as the micron suggests this ram is a true Ultrafine in the traditional Italian wool type, along with the curvature measurement.
    He has a very stylish crimp pattern and soft handle of fleece, this sire can be used with confidence to enhance Ultrafine clips, extra confidence in these genetics can be noted by his own sire’s micron of 14.8 when he was sold to Mr John Ive at the 2014 GSSM sale.

    Lot 2 is Yellow tag 040, 26 months old, with a GFW% at 12 months @ 130.4%.
    17.1 microns, 2.3 SD, 13.5 CV, 99.7 Comf, 15.7 SpinF, 69 Curvature, Sire – Merrignee Alfoxton family, tag Green 001.
    This sire is a top quality superfine ram with high fleece weight and low micron, with the other fleece figures all suggesting a stylish fleece with very soft handle. This sire has a square stance, well set pasterns and soft clean muzzle, he is also be Merrignee Alfoxton family, tag Green 001, which keeps reminding breeders of the genetic repeatability at Merrignee Merino Stud.

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