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    Hamilton Sheepvention

    Hamilton Showgrounds

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    Hamilton Spectator Editorial for 2018


    Charlie Merriman holding the No.5 sale ram of the Merrignee Merino & Poll Merino Stud's team of 5.

    Jono & Anna, Charlie & Pip look forward to the new ram selling season for Merrignee and to the new partnership at CT Merriman & Son, as Jono & Anna have taken over management and ownership as part of the family’s succession plans. So it is an exciting time for all, and Charlie will continue to be the Merrignee Classer and Adviser, and looks forward to taking the 5 Merrignee Stud rams to Hamilton in August 2018.

    Merrignee’s wool clip has been very well received by the wool market and it is good to be rewarded now for quality and well prepared and presented clips. So we hope that all Merrignee clients are enjoying the upturn in the wool market, and we are sure they will appreciate the quality of the 5 superfine/fine wool rams Merrignee will be offering at Hamilton Sheepvention this year. 

    There are 4 Horn rams, with 3 of 4 being by Merrignee bred 165 sire from the Merrignee Nerstane family & 1 is by the Glenpaen “Magic” sire, while the Poll ram for sale is by the NZ sire Gray’s Hill Poll. This is the first time Merrignee Stud has offered a Poll ram, Merrignee’s Poll stud was established in 1990 the same time as the Merringee Horn Stud.

    We are sure people who inspect these rams will be impressed by the bulk of the wool on the rams and the quality of their wool. They are also strong and robust rams with good confirmation and have the ability for their wool to stand up to the wetter weather patterns.

    Charlie Merriman holding a Merrignee Poll ram & Jono Merriman holding a Merrigne Horn ram.

    As this is the first poll ram to be offered at Sheepvention we thought we would give some extra information. We commenced the Gray’s Hill NZ Poll family in 2008 after Jono visited NZ studs. It is now well established within Merrignee and his fleece test results were as follows: 17.8 micron, 2.7 SD, 15.2 CV 99.8 Comfort Factor and 16.6 SpinFineness and we used this ram in our own Stud this year.

    This year’s Merrignee Stud 2 year ewes were shorn in May with the following results:

    Superfine wool ewes average micron 17.6 and average fleece weight 7.2kgs

    Fine wool ewes average micron 17.7 and average fleece weight 7.2 kgs

    Medium wool ewes average micron 17.7 and average fleece weight 8.1kgs

    Poll fine wool ewes had an average micron of 18.0 and an average fleece weight of 6.7kgs.

    All these measurements are pretty accurate as CT Merriman & Son now has all their sheep electronically ear tagged and Jono has helped to design a new sensory wool table that can weigh each fleece after the reading wand reads the sheep eartag and prints a note to go with each fleece. Plus everyone in the shed can see the fleece weight monitor as each sheep fleece comes before the wool classer, and so can the shearers look up and see the weight of the fleeces.

    View the Ram Info Sheet here


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