2017 Sale Results

We sincerely thank all Merrignee clients for their support throughout the year and at the 27th Annual Merrignee on-property ram sale held on Friday 6th October 2017.

69 of the 90 twelve month old (all Aug–Sept 2016 drop) rams offered by auction were sold for an average price of $1,535 ($300 up of the previous year) with a twice-reached top price of $3,000. 18 buyers registered for these paddock reared rams that were only shedded the night before the open day and the ram sale day. 83 of 90 rams offered for auction still had their lambs teeth on sale day.

The group’s average micron was 18.1 covering wool types from ultrafine to fine/medium, with the top body weight being 84kgs and the average body weight 72.2kgs. All rams were shorn on 25th April 2017 and the fleece tests were done on 2nd September 2017.

The two top priced sale rams from the 2017 Merrignee annual ram sale. LEFT to RIGHT: Lindel and John Roxburgh with their merino ram, Lot 62, held by Charlie Merriman,
and Belinda Holt and, her father, Brian Smith with their Poll Merino ram, Lot 48, held by Jono Merriman.