Merrignee’s 25th Annual Ram Sale was on 9th October 2015, with 78 of 90 twelve month old rams sold @ an average $1,280 + GST, about the same sale average as in 2014, with the top price of $3,600 + GST for Lot 1.

merrignee fleecesPictured are four fleeces from 4 rams sold at last year’s Annual On-property Ram Sale.
These rams, Lots 1,2, 5 & 24 were bought by a single client from Yass, Euralie, and these rams were shorn on 27th November 2015 (32 weeks fleece) and the four fleeces averaged 6kgs (6kgs, 6.2, 5.9 & 6.1 respectively).

These rams were previously shorn on 17th April 2015 for our on-property ram sale, therefore the estimation for 52 weeks growth would be 9.75kgs for these Aug/Sept 2014 drop rams, which were paddock reared, not shedded.​

The micron average was 17.0 for these 4 Merrignee bred rams (16.5 microns, 17.9, 16.4 and 17.2 respectively).

Information on the 2016 26th Annual Merrignee Merino & Poll Merino Stud’s Ram Sale can be found here.